When a stainless steel pager broke, the police were there to help

A pager that broke when it was put in the freezer while the owner’s girlfriend was in hospital was sent to a police station, but officers were not at the scene to help.

A NSW Police Force spokesman said the police “were not at that time” at the hospital, but said the officer was “instructed to contact a health professional” as a precaution.

The NSW Police said officers had been called to a residence on December 4 to investigate reports that the fridge had been left on.

“The officer was advised to contact the health professional as a possible precautionary measure, and to inform the resident if the incident is in fact occurring,” the statement said.

On December 5, an officer received a report of a broken pager, the statement continued.

Inspectors arrived and took the pager for a detailed inspection.

It was returned to the owner and they were told the pagers had been kept in a safe location in the fridge, the NSW Police statement said, adding that they were advised to call the police if they found any evidence of damage to the fridge.

A second pager was returned by the same officer on December 11.

Police have since been informed of another incident on December 16 when a third pager also broke while the police officer was in attendance.

At the time, the owner had called the police to report that the paging device had been stolen.

After officers arrived, the paged device was found to be missing.

Investigators were called to the home, where they found a man and woman in their 60s, one of whom had been taken to hospital with severe hypothermia.

They took them to a hospital for a psychiatric assessment.

Investigating officers took the woman to hospital for further evaluation, but she later died.

Detectives interviewed the man who owned the pages, who said he had not been in contact with the owner since he left the property.

He said he could not recall what happened the night the page broke, but was not aware of the incident that led to it being sent to the police station.

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