Stainless steel door replaces $2,500 stainless steel entry door in Vancouver’s Westside neighborhood

A steel door that replaced $2 and a few bucks worth of chrome on the entry door of a new condominium has left the Westside neighbourhood of South Vancouver looking pretty good for now.

The stainless steel doors on the first floor of the new condo in the West End are now covered in black powder coating, according to city staff.

The doors were supposed to have a steel seal.

It was supposed to be covered by black powder coated stainless steel in October, according the city.

The doors, which have been on the market since November, came with the following note on the doors:The new stainless steel locks have also been installed on the front door, with a new lockbox in place.

City staff have told The Globe and Mail that they plan to install more locks in the future.

The new stainless doors are currently on display at the City of Vancouver.

The City of South Surrey has said that they will not be changing the locks on the new condop.

However, they have been asked to remove the black powder seal from the new doors and replace it with stainless steel.

“I think it’s great,” said City Coun.

Scott MacLennan, who represents the West Side.

“The whole neighbourhood is happy.

The neighbourhood is so happy.

It’s just a shame the doors are covered in dust, and it’s the dust that’s going to wear off.

I think the people are really happy with it.

I really am.”

The city is also offering a $20,000 cash prize to anyone who can identify the owner of the door that they have noticed has been missing from the West Street condominium.

The doors have not been installed, but have been removed.

The city has asked residents to call the City at 1-800-268-7200 if they notice any changes or have any questions.

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