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What’s the real cost of stainless steel in stainless steel growlers?

Recode is reporting that stainless steel prices have been dropping since the end of 2016.

In the last few years, prices have dropped by more than 50%.

At that point, stainless steel was worth about $2,500 per ounce.

Today, it’s worth about half that amount.

That’s not to say the price of stainless has stayed low: The price of a liter of regular beer is about $1.70, and the price for a liter growler is $2.50.

But the drop in price has slowed.

We’re looking at the price dropping from $2 to $1 over the last year, and that’s a pretty substantial price drop.

That’s not a big deal, but it’s certainly worth looking at.

As Recode points out, the drop is the result of a change in the way the beer industry is structured.

Instead of producing a whole lot of beer, breweries use different kinds of brewing equipment to make beer.

For example, most beer breweries produce beer in a tank, which is a kind of container that holds beer.

The tank is filled with water, which also acts as an insulator.

The tanks can be reused, but they’re made to store beer for up to seven years.

When a brewery is finished with that beer, they put it in a cooler to cool down.

That cool down time increases with temperature, and as the beer cools, it gets harder to get any of it to harden.

The reason that’s happened is because breweries have been using a process called methanolization to convert water into alcohol.

In methanols, alcohol is broken down by a reaction called oxidation.

The result is a liquid, which can then be distilled into beer.

When it comes to methanolic beer, that liquid can be made into beer at a very high rate, which helps to keep costs down.

It’s a good thing, though, because there’s a lot of wasted alcohol.

The change in methanolysis process, according to the researchers, also means that the beer that comes out of a brewery isn’t always as good as the beers made by its competitors.

That leads to lower prices for consumers, who aren’t going to have to buy those beers in bulk.

Recode writes that the researchers are confident that methanoleization will continue to improve as more breweries adopt it, but that it’s not yet clear when this will happen.

If you’re a beer drinker, the bottom line is that stainless is not a waste.

It makes a great glass, and it can be stored for a long time.

It can be kept cold and kept refrigerated.

It also has a good taste, and can be used to make other things, like a beer sauce.

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