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Teapot made of stainless steel goes on sale for $2,500 – ABC News

A stainless steel teacup made by a Chinese manufacturer goes on public sale in Perth for $1,800.

Key points:The teapots are made from stainless steel and can be decorated with any decoration you like, including glittery pearlsThe teas are sold for $600 to $1.50 per kilogram and include a stainless steel cover.

The tea is sold for a small quantity to start with, but can be purchased for more later on, according to the company.

Owner and CEO of Dabu Tea Tea Co, Wei Zheng, said it had been trying to sell the teapets for more than a year.

“I started with this idea after seeing some advertisements on China’s social media that the quality of Chinese tea is amazing, and that they could not produce the teas that they claimed,” Mr Wei said.

“But then, the quality and quality of the Chinese tea that we were talking about didn’t seem so good, and it’s just not worth the investment.”

Mr Wei’s business started as a hobby and since then, he has built a successful business selling Chinese tea products, which he says was his “dream job”.

“I love to produce tea, and I want to make the best quality tea for myself, for my customers and for the Chinese people,” Mr Huang said.

Mr Huang said the idea for the teabox came after he was told by his parents that he had a great future in China.

“My dad and mom had just left the United States, so I decided to go to Taiwan,” Mr Chen said.”[My parents] were so excited about it and told me they wanted me to go there to work with them.”

Mr Chen said the first tea he had tasted was made in Taiwan.

“So when I came to Australia, I went there, and started working with the people who are there and I started working on my own tea, but my mom and dad still told me that I was going to be successful,” he said.’

A bit of a journey’Mr Chen decided to start his own tea business in Australia, and his business has grown steadily, with over 600 employees.

“There’s a bit of an adventure, but I’m glad that we are able to keep it going and to make tea,” he added.

Mr Chen and his team now have more than 100 tea boxes available in the Perth CBD, where they also offer online tea ordering, and they are also selling teas in a range of tea bags.

The teabot was designed to be sold on an online marketplace, where it will cost $600, or $2.50 to $3.50 depending on the quantity purchased.

“We hope that this will give people a chance to try our teas,” Mr Wang said.


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